CHAPTER I: That feeling in the stomach

Pic: Amazonico Madrid

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9:57 PM, July, Madrid. They had never seen each other, and they weren’t about to meet up. Her attention was on what she is going to have for dinner that night – a fairly frequent thought that goes through the female mind when the date doesn’t excite you too much, and you end up accepting it due to the lack of plans, food in your fridge or the desire to stay home. Although, deep inside, she hoped that tingling feeling in her stomach would stay, but not because of the hunger.

Black satin shoes were crossing the Velazquez street on its way to Jorge Juan, while a sports car driven by a Nordic-looking guy was waiting for the green light to go on its route. His thoughts on investments and meetings were overshadowed by the walk of the owner of those shoes. For just a couple of seconds, their eyes met. He was young, tall, and handsome – everything that girls dream of but also a bastard, the kind of man we supposedly ran from, but despite the attempts, we almost always fell into his power. He loved himself, it was noticeable miles away, and like Julio Iglesias, he also loved women and wine. At his young age he already had a fortune at his feet; Millions that were spent on top of the line cars, trips, Swiss watches, tailored suits, and the two things mentioned above.

‘‘He loved himself, it was noticeable miles away, and like Julio Iglesias, he also loved women and wine.’’

The delicate feminine silhouette was approaching a majestic door, supported by the doorman of the place, which surrounded by picture windows framed by exotic plants, opened the entrance to Madrid’s most chic jungle Amazonico restaurant *. Its ambience was confirming that it was still a must-go place in the Spanish capital one of the coolest restaurants in Madrid. She missed that music with enigmatic tribal chords, that atmosphere of dim lights surrounded by fabrics with tropical prints and wild vegetation. While the hostess guided the lady to the table where her date was waiting, she was observing the groups of friends laughing and enjoying cocktails under a ‘rain‘ of lianas, couples choosing between sashimi and oysters from the menu at the Japanese Bar, and the chefs seasoning and grilling the delicious dishes à la carte that she was about to savour.

But the female silhouette that accompanied our “Casanova” was different: a model looking, tall brunette. The couple walked through the same entrance to go to a table with a view of an inner courtyard made of contrasted tiles and abundant foliage, with a huge raffia giraffe as the star of this whole panorama. Their seats were located right in front of the hungry owner of satin shoes and her suitor of that night, in the way that the eyes of both protagonists of this story would have met again at the perfect moment, if they had not sat down back to back, without even noticing each other’s presence.

The conversation flowed, so does the wine. The dinner seemed to make sense and the unwanted date was exceeding the expectations of the girl, who was listening carefully to her partner, while she felt like the tuna tartar with caviar melted in her mouth. The guy was gentle, successful, fun and even had a point. What else could you ask for?!

‘‘I’ll be back in a minute,’’ the blonde said and stood up slowly, not noticing the napkin, which fell from her knees to the floor.

She bent down to pick it up, but a male hand came forward. When she looked up, she found the eyes that were watching her walk a few moments ago. Somewhat confused, she thanked the stranger and resumed her way to the ladies room.

Wearing a light pink powder silk dress and semi-gathered hair, she had that special magnetism that made the entire restaurant turn to look at her, while she walked with a slight movement of her hips. She wasn’t a perfect match, but only few could match her.

‘‘She wasn’t a perfect match, but only few could match her.’’

Downstairs, she heard the lively atmosphere of the Jazz Club. She stopped to watch the live performance, staying in the gloom of the art-deco decoration. Surrounded by a romantic and, at the same time, lively atmosphere, she immersed herself in the nostalgia of that melody. The penetrating look of the unknown guy did not leave her mind, but what she could do?.. She was on a date, and he was accompanied by someone who is probably his couple. ‘‘No way, he is totally shameless, being with his girlfriend he starts making eyes for strangers?!’’ she reconsidered.

She got in the toilets, fixed her makeup in the mirror, and headed back up the stairs to her table with a clear idea of ​​erasing the new protagonist of her thoughts. To her surprise, that feeling of wanting to avoid the enigmatic stranger was changed by a deep desire to meet him again, when she saw that his table was empty. How curious the human logic is: Temptation is bad while it is within our reach, but when it gets out of our hands, it becomes a need which consequences are no longer so fatal.

‘‘How curious the human logic is: Temptation is bad while it is within our reach, but when it gets out of our hands, it becomes a need which consequences are no longer so fatal.’’

‘‘Sorry for being late,’’ she sat smiling at her date, who was waiting for her with a plate of exotic, already melted, ice cream.

‘‘No problem, you are someone is worth waiting for.’’

‘‘I like this answer,’’ she replied and put a new napkin on her knees.

The dinner was going the usual course of a date in which one of the parts is kindly passive; Which is about a conversation between laughs, but never or rarely, depending on the number of drinks, ends with a kiss.

The evening was at the final point. She didn’t want to go home, but she neither wanted to stay. And even she had enjoyed the night, she preferred to finish the date right now. Walking the same path that she did when she arrived, she was no longer curious about those people in the place. With her gaze fixed on the exit, she felt someone grabbing her hand, while her companion still following the route to the exit door. A second was enough to awaken a million sensations in her body when she turned her head and saw the one guilty of stealing the tranquility of her carefree heart. She left the Amazonico crumpling a small paper that the stranger with the magnetic gaze gave her, and with that feeling in her stomach that she had hoped to find that night.

‘‘A second was enough to awaken a million sensations.’’


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