CHAPTER VII: Feel the life

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A gaze full of curiosity was observing the recent wounds on a young unconscious face, in which you still could see the pain. Those cuts caused by the accident, which the young man with mid-length hairstyle had suffered could not hide his obvious attractiveness. His features, which seemed sculpted by the geniuses of classical art, captivated the owner of that gaze with every second more.

‘‘Regina!’’ The girl dressed in a tunic-style top and dark blue trousers, turned around scared by the call of attention of her supervisor. ‘‘What are you doing standing there?! Have you checked the droppers?!’’

Nervous, the girl in her early 20s, hurriedly prepared to carry out that order when Dr Williams entered the room and began to dictate something to the woman who had just interrupted the fantasies of the young nurse that was doing her internship at that London hospital.

* *

‘‘Sorry, my mistake…,’’ said a blonde girl, who was about to meet again the man who was occupying her thoughts, walking away, stunned by the coincidence that the same car that she was waiting for was located at her meeting point, but with a different driver.

‘‘Ava, wait! ’’ Exclaimed the driver, leaving the sports car and trying to stop the “borrowed” date.

Taking her arm away, Ava stopped and looked at him dumbfounded, trying to find the explanation for what was happening; Sometimes the most surprising facts have the most banal explanations.

‘‘Sometimes the most surprising facts have the most banal explanations.’’ 

‘‘Wait a minute, let me explain you…,’’ the brunette guy continued, being guided by the silent pause as a sign that she was willing to listen to him, at least for now. ‘‘I know you weren’t expecting me, but I’m the guy that you spoke this morning on the phone. I’m Michael’s friend, he knows about this encounter,’’ he said, showing her on his mobile a message with no reply, which he sent to his friend, and trying to convince her of his apparently good intentions.

With a lump in her throat and pressure in her chest, she tried to hold back the emotions that raised her body temperature. She felt that the stranger that she was about to meet had laughed at her, that he decided to pass her on to his friend as a toy that he saw in the shop window, and that he no longer was interested in. Even though she knew her worth, she couldn’t help having that feeling which made her tiny and vulnerable: A mix of disappointment and anger to behave in the most unpredictable way.

‘‘Even though she knew her worth, she couldn’t help having that feeling which made her tiny and vulnerable: A mix of disappointment and anger to behave in the most unpredictable way.’’ 

‘‘So, you are my date now?’’ She asked sharply, swallowing her real feelings and only revealing the most feasible facet of self-love, which despite being damaged, shone intact.

‘‘If you let me, I would love to,’’continued the dark-haired man, letting her walk towards the car.

‘‘And your name is…?’’

‘‘Alejandro… Alex,’’ he replied with relief and enthusiasm, seeing that the blonde seemed willing to accept his proposal, he approached the car to open her the door.

Ava sat in the vehicle with that mix of feelings. The date had nothing to do with how she had imagined; And although the desire to meet the Nordic one did not diminish one iota, the reason why she wanted that meeting to happen had radically changed. Pride was manipulating her decisions, and the desire to demonstrate the great mistake that the stranger with the magnetic gaze had made took hold of her.

* * *

‘‘Fortunately, the documentation was with him: Michael Sommer, born in Vienna on August 15, 1994, son of an Austrian father and a Spanish mother… although we have not yet been able to contact any relative,’’ a middle-aged woman who was reading the report of the young man who was lying in bed, while checking the droppers next to him, was commanding the nurse how she had to do her job that night when she was on duty.

* * *

The couple entered a diaphanous venue through a grandiose glass door with a high more than 11 ft. The design of this restaurant was reminiscent of a huge loft looked like inspired by modern New York spaces with bare ceilings; The ashlar stone walls and vegetation surrounded a large central bar culminating in the open kitchen, where it was possible to observe how the chef and his team were cooking first-class dishes.

They crossed the entrance lounge, where the space with high wooden tables with a casual atmosphere contrasted with the classic style of the rest of the restaurant, where a more formal and romantic ambience was reigning.

‘‘Here it is,’’ said the hostess kindly, pointing to the table for two located on a cosy covered terrace, surrounded by trees.

Thanking her, the brunette guy pushed the chair aside so that his date could sit down, leaving her surprised by that gallantry that today was a rare phenomenon. Ava already knew the Carbon Negro*, a restaurant that in just two years of existence had become a benchmark of Mediterranean cuisine, especially for lovers of good grilled meat and vegetables. As a great sweet tooth and taster of desserts, it was clear to her that the Carbon Negro cheesecake was one of the tastiest in Madrid.

Everything is better with champagne; The higher the dose, the greater the effect. With each sip, she extinguished the feeling of revenge in her body and began to see Alex through fresh eyes. Perhaps it was because revenge was not part of her being or perhaps because sobriety was leaving her little by little. She had not eaten since that breakfast with her friend, which increased that effects of the bubbly drink that she tried to alleviate with Iberian ham while she waited for the main course.

‘‘Everything is better with champagne; The higher the dose, the greater the effect.’’ 

Alex had a great sense of humour, intelligent humour that she knew how to follow and appreciate, which complemented with a smile that looked like something out of a toothpaste advertisement, created the perfect tandem capable of attracting anyone’s attention. Knowing how to make a woman laugh is perhaps one of the most powerful weapons a man can use to conquer her.

‘‘Knowing how to make a woman laugh is perhaps one of the most powerful weapon a man can use to conquer her.’’ 

The connection between them made forget the real reasons of that time together, which at first figured in their minds: Both came here to feed their respective ego, but the expectations were deceived when there were born feelings.


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