CHAPTER XV: A craziness

Pic: Rosi la Loca Madrid

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What has been the craziest thing you thought you would never be able to do?

If your greatest craziness ended up as a positive experience with a happy ending, it is very probable that it will remain etched in your memory as one of the most exciting moments of your life, but if it didn’t, you will rate it as a ‘‘mistake’’. Crazy things are positive by definition, but we don’t know it until we dare with them.

‘‘Crazy things are positive by definition, but we don’t know it until we dare with them.’’

It has been around three months since I met Alex, and our first date was a bit crazy. I was going to meet his friend, I have drunk too much champagne that night and I didn’t remember how I ended up at his place. I know what some of you may be thinking, but don’t, he didn’t take advantage of the situation. After a small lapse, in which for a moment I thought that everything was over before it even started, we had our second dinner, after which we barely parted; The follies were just beginning.

They say that opposite poles attract, but he and I are two equal poles with different amounts of charge. When I look at him, I see myself reflected in his way of being, thinking and acting. He has awakened in me everything I have always been, but was afraid to show, and has motivated me to do everything I have always wanted, but was scared to dare with. He is the person I was waiting for, even though they say that love comes when you least expect it.

‘‘They say that opposite poles attract, but he and I are two equal poles with different amounts of charge.’’ 

‘‘Look at this beauty…,’’  I felt like my favourite voice whispered in my ear, while its owner hugged me and observed our reflections in the large mirror at the entrance.

‘‘I see, you are lucky man …,’’  I replied laughing after giving him a kiss, taking my trench and bag to run to catch the Uber that was already stopped at the door of my new home.

I had a meeting with my best friend for lunch. I hadn’t seen her since she went to live abroad last summer, but an unforeseen event brought her back to Madrid. The last time we have met, my thoughts belonged to another man, I had no idea that same night I would end up meeting the man that my heart would belong to.

Rosi, la Loca*, a downtown restaurant which name and dishes were on everyone’s lips lately, was our meeting point. The driver left me next to the famous Puerta del Sol, the main square in Madrid, and I entered those pedestrian streets that led me to a colourful door with gigantic hibiscus flowers welcoming me to the place where they were already waiting for me.

‘‘Hi! I have a reservation in Ava’s name at 2:30 PM,’’ I said, imagining the hug I was about to give my friend when I see her.

‘‘Yes, here it is. Welcome to Rosi, la Loca. Come with me, please,’’  said the guy at the entrance kindly, while guiding me to the table through the fun and unique interior of the restaurant, which called attention because of its friendly multicoloured aesthetic where the chaos seemed to find the perfect balance.

Picturesque drawings and objects of fauna and flora surrounded groups of friends and young couples who laughed enjoying the dishes and cocktails of Rosi, lit by various vintage-style lamps.

Going down the stairs, I saw a silhouette that I couldn’t not recognize, there were too many years of friendship. Noticing my arrival, she got up, and we gave each other that hug with which had in my mind. When you can’t find the words to convey deep emotion, a real hug speaks for itself.

‘‘When you can’t find the words to convey deep emotion, a real hug speaks for itself.’’ 

‘‘I’m so happy to see you!’’ 

‘‘So do I!’ How was the trip? We must celebrate this reunion!’’ I said, sitting down and calling the waiter to order the emblematic “Sangria Loka de cava (cava = Spanish champagne).

‘‘Well, you know that now thanks to the virus, the trips seem taken from one of those American fiction films, where Will Smith saves the world, but with the difference that he wasn’t on my plane, unfortunately,’’ Marta told me laughing, while we raised the glasses with exotic fruits to toast for our friendship. What about you? What is that so important that you had to tell me?’’ 

‘‘Well, I better show you…,’’ I said, showing my hand with a dazzling pear-cut diamond on the ring finger.

‘‘No way?! Really?!’’ I heard seeing that astonished face with a half open mouth that was approaching the cause of that surprise.

‘‘Really …,’’ I nodded with a huge smile, ‘‘I know it’s crazy, we’ve known each other for just three months, but everything it has been from the first moment, I feel like it wouldn’t be us if it had been different …’’

‘‘Seriously?! I’m leaving for a couple of months and more things happen to you than in ten years with me being around… Congratulations, babe! I think now I need a little stronger drink to assimilate this news.’’

‘‘Step by step, the cocktails here are amazing, but first let’s eat,’’ I said, while the waiter took the note of the dishes that we were going to enjoy during that reunion.

‘‘Okay, you’re in charge, but tell me, how it was… How did he propose you?’’

‘‘Well, like everything, nonsense with the deepest sense in the world. Three weeks ago, we went to Paris, and we were walking around the gardens in front of the Louvre Museum, then I jokingly told him that I wanted him to propose to me here. I meant one day, but then he replied that ‘‘it’s okay’’, and we continued walking. Then we went to the Graff store, which is about five minutes away, and he told me to choose the ring I want. I thought he was teasing me, but he was 100% serious… Imagine my face! So, that is, without beating around the bush and without corny stuff… the way Alex is. Throughout your life, you imagine moments like these dozens of times, but they happen when and how you least expect them. I swear.’’

‘‘Throughout your life, you imagine moments like these dozens of times, but they happen when and how you least expect them.’’

‘‘You both are crazy! I love it!’’ She said laughing while watching the waiter torch the scallops with kimchee and lime mayonnaise.‘‘You kept your secret very well, great job…’’

‘‘It was a surprise…,’’ I laughed.

‘‘I see! Oh my God, this is so yummy!’’ Said Marta tasting the chef’s creation finished at the table in front of us.

‘‘I told you that this place is fantastic, and wait for the tuna tataki, you will be fascinated.’’

We continued talking while the rest of the elaborate and delicious dishes arrived at our table. An affordable cooking show where food is the star.

Our meeting ended just as it began – with a big hug. I hurried to take the taxi home before the rain began to soak up all people who have not taken cover. With the headphones on, I was observing how the lights of the streets of Madrid were reflected in the drops of the car windows, creating a perfect mosaic of colours. Between stories and cocktails, the hours flew by, as often happens when you’re too entertained.

The Lexus stopped in front of a glass building, my new house, the same one where I woke up after the first date. Although I officially moved here a couple of weeks ago, it was from my second dinner with Alex that I practically started living here. I already knew by heart this huge modern marble doorway that led me to my new home.

Leaving the elevator, I noticed that the entrance door of our flat was half opened and, when I saw it, I thought that Alex was about to leave and had returned for a moment because he had left something behind.

‘‘Hello?’’ I said, getting inside and feeling how my voice was gradually becoming silenced because of the shock and incomprehension of what my eyes were seeing at that very moment.


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