CHAPTER XXIII: What the wind doesn’t take away

Pic: Leclerc-Briant ‘Abyss’ Brut Zero

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The restaurant began to empty, while I continued sitting alone with my second cocktail, waiting for Sommer to enter the door that little by little was saying goodbye to the diners. Unsuccessfully, I tried to locate him one last time, and I joined that group of people who were leaving the spot.

Walking by Alcala street, I was thinking about everything that had happened today; I didn’t want to keep going, but to run away from everything. Crossing the hotel entrance, finding myself again in that elegant ambience of the hall, surrounded by majestic marble columns, I saw Sommer; He was sitting on one of the sofas with a girl with straight blonde hair and slanting eyes. An atmosphere of tension reigned between them. She was talking about something crying, trying to convey her state of mind to the Nordic, who was looking at the floor almost without blinking, while Marta’s sister, standing in front of them, was trying to restrain her anger, which could be noticed at a distance.

‘‘I didn’t want to keep going, but to run away from everything.’’

I didn’t know what was happening between them, but I decided to go unnoticed, without meddling in that meeting where my presence had no place. At that moment I regretted having involved Sommer in my with Alex problems, but there was no going back, I needed to locate that key that I gave him. Trying to fix things, I made them even more complicated.

I went up to the room and as soon as I entered, I heard the voice of my best friend.

‘‘Where have you been?! I’ve been trying to locate you for hours!’’ Marta got up from the bed and looked at me with the face of an angry teacher.

‘‘I was taking a walk, I needed to clear my mind…’’ I answered automatically, hiding the truth. I wanted to confess everything to take off all this burden that dragged me down, but the promise to Alex to keep his secret remained in force.

‘‘Any news about your fiancé?’’ The question was sounded so indifferent that my desire to open my heart instantly disappeared.

‘‘Nothing new,’’ I said, sitting in a chair by the table and looking at a dark blue bottle with whitish spots that seemed to have been buried in the ground for years.

‘‘Regina brought it,’’ Marta said, realizing my interest in the object, – Leclerc Briant Abyss, this champagne has been submerged in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean for a year, that’s why it looks like this. Try it, it’s the taste of the sea,’’ she went to the bottle, which seemed to be decorated by the nature itself, which painted its water patterns on it. “Looks like your friend is in trouble,” she said, pouring a sparkling drink into a glass.

‘‘What do you mean?’’ I answered, not understanding about what and whom she was talking.

‘‘His ex appeared … My sister is in shock, she does not know what to do…’’

‘‘Sommer’s?” I asked, not fully assimilating the information, that I didn’t have to worry about, but for any reason, it upset me more than it should. “How did she know he is here?”

“Sommer’s sister told her,” Marta explained. “The ex was in Madrid and came here with the news that she is expecting his child…,” my friend continued to telling me the story, noticing my surprised face, since I didn’t understand nothing. “In short, when Michael woke up unconscious after the accident, it looked like no one was going to tell him the truth until my sister heard the conversation between his father and his ex,” taking a sip of champagne that she poured me a minute ago, Marta continued. “As it turned out, the ex traded Sommer Jr. for Sommer Sr. a few years ago, but when that accident happened, she decided to pretend that nothing took place and return to Michael, who did not remember anything.”

The story, which seemed to be taken from some TV series, confused me, but not surprised; What I have seen over the past few days has opened my eyes to the fact that life is much more amazing than even the most original film.

“What I’ve seen in these last days has opened my eyes to the fact that life is much more amazing than even the most original film.”

Without saying anything, I took the glass of champagne from her and drank it in one gulp.

“I’m going to sleep,” I muttered, lying on the bed without even taking off my clothes, and closed my eyes, opening them due to the daylight.

“It’s almost eleven o’clock,” Marta said, seeing me wake up, dazed by the sun, which seemed so unusual to me as it lit up my mind.

Alarmed by the news of the time, I got out of bed in a matter of seconds; Even knowing that my plans do not have a schedule, I realized that I did not have enough time.

I looked at the phone and found that it was off, and, as always, at the most inopportune moment.

“How’s your sister?” I asked, understanding Marta’s condition, since family matters always come first. Moreover, today I was grateful that her attention no longer belonged to me, in order to avoid questions that I could not answer her.

“I was with her all night… I think you didn’t hear anything because you fell asleep very fast,” she told me, pouring herself a glass of water.

My interest was entirely related to the need for information from Sommer: after all, he still has the key that Alex needed today.

“And Michael? I asked, knowing that I needed to find him as soon as possible. How did everything end?” I added to somehow disguise my interest.

“He left, leaving my sister and his ex arguing alone in the lobby.”

“Just like this?”

“That’s what Regina told me. At some point in the conversation, he just got up and left.”


“I don’t know. We’ve been trying all night to find him; called his sister and all possible contacts, but to no avail.”

I turned my attention back to my cellphone, which had already come to life, observing the notifications from two men who stole my confidence and calm five months ago. Sommer was calling me the night in which he disappeared for everyone, perhaps he saw in me his way out; While Alex was looking for a key to avoid a situation that could cost him his life. I realized that I could no longer rush every time my gaze met Sommer’s eyes or Alex smiled at me.

After writing a message indicating the meeting time and place, I was ready to get answers to the questions that were still in the air. I groomed myself and headed for the meeting point, with the confidence that this time there was no turning back, that the wind would no longer take away the words that I had to say.


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